How the Kelly Kettle Works

The Kelly Kettle

The only thing you’ll need to Boil Water - Cook Fast – and Survive. The Kelly Kettle stands alone when it comes to quality, dependability and reliability. Best piece of camping gear you can own for conquering the great outdoors. Great survival gear; amazing camping stove.

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Filtered water bottle filter for personal water bottles
Campfire cooking biscuits recipe for fire pit and camping food, easy dessert recipes

Don’t just Eat’em – Woof’em!

Camp cooking, beach parties and sitting around your backyard fire pit are now fun family activities! Better than Smores and roasting marshmallows! Toasting these yummy biscuits and filling them with chili, taco meat, pudding or cherry pie filling! Dinner, dessert, delicious!

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If you do JUST ONE THING for emergency preparedness this year –

Coldstream – making the outdoors a better place to stay


1The new and improved… AquaBrick will purify enough water for one adult for an entire year. Have water storage on hand, or purify as needed.

Personal Water Filters

2Carry your own personal water filter everywhere you go with the Sagan Personal Water Filter Bottle. Tested. Certified. Impressive.

Kelly Kettle

3Boils water, cook fast, survive. Uses all natural fuel, ideal for camp cooking, hiking and emergency preparedness. Why buy fuel?

Woof’em Sticks

4Yummy family fun roasting little premade dough cups to fill with dinner, dessert, and delicious treats. #camping #firepits #beachparties

Product Pick: AquaBrick™ Water Filter

The AquaBrick™ has taken water filtration systems to a new level. AquaBrick™ will purify enough water, from any non-salt water source, for one person for an entire year. The AquaBrick™ Water Filter has been Lab Tested & Certified by an independent water laboratory. AquaBrick™ is certified to remove bacteria, cryptosporidium and giarda for up to 700 gallons and it is certified to remove virus for up to 550 gallons, meeting or exceeding established EPA water quality standards of:

  • 99.9999% of Bacteria
  • 99.99% of Virus
  • 99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

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