Water storage tanks that purify water and store water

Water Filter Emergency Essentials – the AquaBrick


If you do JUST ONE THING for emergency preparedness this year – do this…

Get the AquaBrick™

Life is too short to spend all your time worrying about preparedness, disasters, food storage, clean water, and on and on… But it’s pretty important to get your act together when it comes to these emergency essentials. Especially clean water – that’s a biggie. So is food storage.

Take one easy and affordable step. Then relax and be assured your family will have clean, safe drinking water – always. Under any circumstances. The AquaBrick™, by Sagan, LLC, allows you to rest easy knowing you have water storage, and the ability to purify water through the AquaBrick™ filter, from any non-salt water source. So, store what you can – and then gather and purify the water you need – should fresh clean drinking water not be readily available during times of disaster. AquaBricks are stack-able, with handy funnels, so filling and storing them is easy, and they make awesome food storage containers.

portable water filter system for water storage and water purification

The only water filter you need. Store water. Purify water as you need it. Lab tested and certified. #awesome

AquaBrick™ has been Lab Tested & Certified

Don’t know about the water filter you’re using now, but, we do know the AquaBrick™ Water Filter has been tested by an independent water laboratory and certified for up to 500 gallons. AquaBrick™ meets or exceeds the established EPA water quality standards for…
…the removal of:

• 99.9999% of Bacteria
• 99.99% of Virus
• 99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

Read the Independent Lab Report – Click Here

So, when it comes an effective water filter AquaBrick™ has you covered. You don’t need a 1000 gallon drum in your garage. Or bad tasting drops to add to the water as you cross your fingers and hope for the best. No need to have doubts about whether or not “is this water really safe for my kids to drink?” The AquaBrick™ has your back. As we said, Sagan has been testing this system ‘til their eyes finally crossed.

The Results are Extraordinary

The AquaBrick™ Water Filter will purify enough water, from any non-salt water source, for one person for one entire year. How awesome. And they tested some pretty yucky water. You may not realize how these tests work, (I didn’t at first). The lab takes a ton of bacteria, virus and other contaminants and dumps it into the testing drums. Then they filter that gross stuff through a Sagan AquaBrick water filter. After 25 gallons, they check the results. All clear! Then they spike the water with another big dose of more bacteria, virus, and germy scum and keep testing the same water filter. So they continually re-contaminate the water and continue testing the same filter. Sagan’s AquaBrick™ worked for up to 500 gallons! So they re-contaminated the water 20 times. And it came out crystal clear, clean and pure every time. Impressive.

The AquaBrick™ has taken water filtration systems to a new level. Find out what’s in your water. We’re confident you’ll come back to AquaBrick™.

Available SUMMER 2015! 

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