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What’s in Your Tap Water? Possibly Hundreds of Chemicals

What's in tap water

What your kids may be drinking.

The water you pour from your tap might look clean and sparkling, but take a closer look and the results might surprise you.  The Environmental Working Group discovered there are hundreds of chemicals in the tap water people are drinking every day. With many homes not having a water purification system, those chemicals are being consumed directly by your family.

The findings of the Environmental Working Group were quite alarming.  Based on their studies, over 1700 systems had levels of arsenic exceeding the EPA’s maximum contaminant level.  Even more alarming was that over 11,000 systems had levels over health guidelines.  These systems serve over 113 million people.  Other chemicals found include chloroform, haloacetic acids, and nitrates.  While in small quantities these are used to help disinfect the water, in large quantities chemicals like these are associated with cancer, DNA damage, and the potentially fatal “blue baby syndrome.” At risk communities like infants and vulnerable populations are at the most risk.

Another surprising discovery was that the water quality problems were not limited to a certain area.  In general, water systems servicing 10,000 to 250,000 people had the worst water conditions.  Small, rural areas tested better.  However, even having lower scores does not mean that the water is safer, as many water systems were found to have other contaminants that were not being tested for.

Concerned about your water supply?  You can see exactly what is in the water in your area by visiting the National Drinking Water Database operated by the Environmental Working Group.  There you can search by zip code or Water Company to find the results for your area.  You can even check for EPA violations reported since 2004.

If you see something in the report which concerns you, remember there is something you can do about it.  You don’t even have to go out and buy pricey bottled water.  Instead, a water purification system like the AquaBrickTM Water Filtration System will allow you to drink fresh, contaminant-free water any time. By using a water filtration system, you can keep your family from having to worry about contaminants in the water regardless of whether or not your local water treatment facility is dealing with the issue.

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