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Camping Activities Trending Now – Woof’Em Sticks


If the idea of overly roasted hot dogs and s’mores is losing appeal as your go-to for campfire recipes, outdoor fire pit cooking, or just outdoor cooking in general, here’s what’s trending. The most innovative addition to your camping gear and a sure guarantee for family fun has arrived. Woof’Em Sticks . Yes, as the name indicates they are so good, you don’t just eat’em, you woof’em, as demonstrated by my husband “woofing down” the whole tasty treat in one rather large bite.

Great camp cooking with Woof 'Em Sticks

Two Woof ‘Em Sticks and a Hot Dog Roaster come in a set.

What are Woof’Ems?

A great combo of  Smores family fun and camping gear! Woof’Em Sticks are similar to marshmallow roasting sticks and come fashioned with a stainless steel cup at the end. Grab a tube of readymade biscuit dough, flatten the dough and fit it around the outside of the stainless steel cup. Use endless options of heat sources: camp fires, barbeques, back yard fire pit, propane stove, Kelly Kettle, whatever, to toast this little gem. Simply rotate the dough cup over the heat source for 2 to 3 minutes, until golden brown. Let it cool a minute before removing. Give the dough cup a little twist and it should easily come off. If not, give it another minute over the heat to cook through.

When to Woof’Em

Woof’Ems not only make great camping food, but are easy finger foods for family barbeques, birthday parties, and beach parties or just an easy family dinner around the fire pit. If you’re looking for fun activities for kids, Woof’Ems are the key. You can build a kid’s entire birthday party theme around Woof’Ems. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner – then scrumptious for desserts. Everyone can build their own Woof’Ems, with fillings and toppings of their choice. When looking for easy dessert recipes, these are ideal.

Woof 'Em Sticks are more fun than Smores

Fill your warm toasty Woof ‘Em with everything from scrambled eggs to chili to cherry pie filling!

What to Woof

You can pretty much fill Woof’ Ems with any type of fillings and toppings you like. You’ll find yourself getting creative with it as you and your family start woofing.

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs Cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, chopped onions

Lunch & Dinner –  Taco meat, cheese, sour cream, chopped onion, olives, salsa.
Chili, cheese, crushed corn chips, sour cream or Greek yogurt.
Pulled pork, cheese, BBQ Sauce, Jabanero sauce, more cheese…

Desserts – Pie filling, puddings, fresh fruit, whipped cream, shaved chocolate

Final thoughts on Woof’ Ems

Now having described what Woof’ Ems are, I have to admit when I first heard about them, I was not overly excited. Everyone was raving about how delish they were and I thought it was a cute idea, but nothing I would go out of my way to make. Okay, I stand corrected.
We tried some at a barbeque one night. After eating the sad burgers and hot dogs I mentioned earlier, we brought out a tube of ready-made biscuit dough. My husband flattened one little biscuit section and wrapped it around the outside of the Woof’Em stick cup. He then rotated it over the barbeque grill for 2-3 minutes. The aroma of this little biscuit toasting over the hot coals was talking to the outdoor girl in me. He carefully removed the hot golden brown ‘cup’ from the stick. Lightly golden brown on the inside too. After filling it with cherry pie filling from a can and topping it off with a squirt of whipped cream, he handed it to me. My first bite made a believer out of me. I ‘woofed’ the down the rest. I really did. I mean you have to, right? It was such an awesome treat, I had to have another. This time filled with chocolate pudding. My third, realizing I needed to cool it a little, was filled with fresh strawberries. Still a shot of whipped cream. Of course.

If you enjoy any kind of outdoor activities; or if you enjoy eating; or if you have kids – whether you enjoy them or not… Woof’Em Sticks are a must have!

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