The Kelly Kettle Whistle is Here!


The Kelly Kettle Whistle is here – a fantastic kettle accessory Kelly Kettle fans have been patiently waiting for – and it’s pretty sweet. Now you’ll know without a doubt when your water is boiling and ready for a good cuppa camp coffee, tea or hot cocoa. It’s an awesome little invention which actually inserts into the spout of the Kettle – so if you’re off exploring the woods you’ll be hearing the inviting whistle of your Kelly Kettle calling you back for a warm cuppa somethin’.

Only The Whistle Goes Into the Kettle

Now take Note: Only the GREEN WHISTLE may be inserted while the kettle is boiling. NEVER place the orange stopper into the kettle while in use.

I know this goes against all the Kelly Kettle etiquette you’ve learned over the past several years – to always make sure your STOPPER is out of the kettle when in use. This is still true. The Orange Stopper must always be removed when in use. The Orange Stopper is only for holding water inside the kettle when transporting, etc.

Now, however, you can insert your Kelly Kettle Green Whistle right into the spout and light up the kettle! Read the guidelines below.

The Whistle is only available for the Kelly Kettle ‘Base Camp’ and ‘Scout’ models. It’s simply a metal whistle inserted into soft green rubber. GREEN for GO! This will retro-fit most of our older model kettles also. Whistle, Clip and Split-ring provided. Chain not included. Note: Does not fit the smaller ‘Trekker’ Kettle

Kelly Kettle Whistle – Instructions for Use

1. Slightly under fill the kettle with water. Fill it to perhaps 15 mm (over half inch) below the water spout.

2. Place the GREEN Kelly Kettle whistle LOOSELY and GENTLY into the water spout of your kettle. Always ensure that the arrow is pointed down toward the ground, as this will direct any escaping steam safely downward.

3. DO NOT press the whistle into the spout as we want to be able to easily remove it when the kettle has boiled.

4. Boil your kettle as normal (please refer to the instruction leaflet that is provided with each kettle).

5. When boiled, remove the kettle from the fire base and place on level ground. Allow the water to settle for approximately 1 minute. Hold the handle of the kettle with one hand. Then with your other hand, place your index finger in the split ring and your thumb on the opposite side of the whistle. Gently lift the whistle away. Never use a jerking motion nor excessive force to remove the whistle.

6. Follow the instruction leaflet (supplied with your kettle) on the correct way to lift and pour the kettle.


Remove the Kelly Kettle from the fire base. Let the water settle for one minute before removing whistle.












Kelly Kettle Accessories

If it’s been awhile since you checked out the latest Kelly Kettle accessories – don’t be left behind. The Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove is simple awesome! Turns the kettle into a very effective camp stove, still using only natural fuel.

We now have some cool camp cups, plates and sporks, as well as pot supports, cook sets etc., which have been around for awhile. But if you don’t have some of this awesome outdoor gear, you’re not getting the everything you can out of your Kelly Kettle.

These accessories make great gifts for him, or gifts for her, as the case may be. The women are slowly taking over the outdoor world! So whoever the outdoor lover is in your family the Kelly Kettle has some great gift ideas as well as stocking stuffers!

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