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How the Kelly Kettle Works


Kelly Kettle Boils Water in Less Than 5

Whether you are looking to take a hiking trip or want to prepare for a possible emergency, having a portable water filter as part of your emergency kit is a good idea. Clean water is a must when you are in the middle of the wilderness, stuck in a natural disaster, or simply do not have access to clean, safe water.  The Kelly Kettle is an easy way to have a portable water filter with you at all times, and it takes only a matter of minutes for it to produce safe, clean water.

Boiling is one of the oldest methods for purifying water.  Boiling can help to kill natural contaminants such as giardia and cholera that can cause severe illnesses when ingested.  However, in many cases boiling water is simply too time consuming to allow users to boil enough for their needs efficiently.  The Kelly Kettle allows this boiling time to be significantly reduced, plus it allows the user to transport cooled water after the boiling process so that clean water is always available.

To use a Kelly Kettle you simply need to light a small fire in the base, set the kettle over the base, and drop additional fuel down the chimney as needed to keep the fire burning.  The efficient design heats water to boiling in less than 5 minutes.  The water then can be poured out to use immediately or cooled in the Kelly Kettle.  Once cooled, the Kelly Kettle can be corked for transport.  As more water is needed, simply refill the Kelly Kettle and return to the fire. Caution should always been used when pouring out water from the kettle as serious burns could result.

The Kelly Kettle comes in three different sizes and two different metals that allow users to find the one that is right for their water filtration needs. It also has the ability to access the open flame via the top, giving the user a small cooking surface and allowing the Kelly Kettle to pull double duty.  Due to the efficiency of the unit, no additional shelter is needed, and the flame can be kept going with just a small amount of dry, flammable material.  The smaller size makes for an ideal backpack water filter while the larger size can be kept at home for emergency scenarios.

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