water filter removes virus Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Bacteria

How Sagan Tests Their Water Filters


The AquaBrick™ has taken water filtration systems to a new level. It’s a fantastic product you should have! Here’s why. AquaBrick™ will purify enough water, from any non-salt water source, for one person for one year. Don’t know about the water filter you’re using now, but, we do know AquaBrick™ Water Filter has been Lab Tested & Certified by an independent water laboratory. AquaBrick™ is certified to remove bacteria, cryptosporidium and giarda for up to 700 gallons and certified to remove virus for up to 550 gallons, meeting or exceeding established EPA water quality standards for the removal of:

99.9999% of Bacteria
99.99% of Virus
99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

The lab takes a ton of bacteria, virus and other contaminants and dumps it into the testing drums. Then filters that gross stuff through a Sagan AquaBrick™ water filter. After 25 gallons, they check the results. All clear! Then they spike the water with another big dose of bacteria, virus, and germy scum and keep testing the same water filter. They continually re-contaminate the water after every 25 gallons and continue testing the same filter. And it came out crystal clear, clean and pure every time. Impressive.

Clear Water Can Kill You

This image of the tub full of clear (seemingly safe) water is a good example of how misleading pure, clean looking drinking water can be. This is actually the water our testing labs have spiked with all the bacteria, virus, cryptosporidium and giardia, etc. To the human eye you’d think it was perfectly safe drinking water for your family. As it pours out of the spout and into the receptacle it looks just like your tap water. Then, notice all the crud our water filter is catching from what seems like pure clean water. Kind of alarming.

Why you should use water filters

You barely notice the clear stream of water running through our water filter. But its chock full of poison!

Coldsteam is a proud distributor of Sagan Filters products. They have done their homework and the results should give you a lot of peace of mind when it comes to choosing the best water filters for your family. Check out the AquaBrickTM Water Filtration System for a water filter you can use now and start building a water storage supply; and use later when water sources may be contaminated and you need to purify water now.  Sagan Filters also presents the Journey Water Bottle. It’s been run through the same testing regimen as the AquaBrick™. Same totally awesome results. Perfect water bottle for everyday use, camping, hiking, traveling outside the country. You name it. It does it. You’ll love it. Where will your Journey take you?


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